How To Cancel Your Preschool Cubby Membership

If Cubby isn’t right for you then I'm happy to take care of your Membership cancellation.

But before I do that…..

There are couple of Super Important things you need to know before you cancel.

(I don’t get many cancellations, but when I do, I often hear from teachers after-the-fact
about them being disappointed – 
and I don’t want that to happen to you!)

Annual Subscriber:

If you are an annual paying member, you are paid for the full year at a 20% discounted rate.  You have access to the membership for a full year from the day you signed up.

Please note: If you cancel your membership before your year ends, there is no prorated refund.  Refunds are only issued within the first 30 days of subscribing.

Therefore, you should wait to cancel until a few days before your next annual renewal charge. This way, you have access for the full year (read below to see what happens if you cancel your membership now).

Monthly Subscriber:

If you are a monthly paying member and you were just recently renewed for the month, I strongly suggest that you wait to cancel until a few days before your next renewal charge. This way, you have access for the full month.

You're already paid, so why not get the full benefit!

Here's why waiting is important!

As soon as you cancel, you will IMMEDIATELY lose access to your Member's Area because your account is automatically cancelled and deleted from the system.

As a result of this, here's what happens:  

1. Theme Credits: Any unused theme credits will be deleted and cannot be restored. 

(Quick Tip: Be sure to go into your Cubby Themes page and use any unused theme credits to unlock the themes you want BEFORE you cancel your membership.  As I noted above, once you cancel, your account is deleted by the system and I have no way to turn your subscription back on as all information is deleted.  This applies to annual members as well. Once you cancel, even if your year is not yet over, the system will delete your subscription and we can not, therefore, turn it back on)

2. Member's Area Access: Access to your Member's Area will be gone.

You will no longer be able to access your already purchased themes through the membership site. 

You CAN (and should!) download your unlocked themes directly to your computer BEFORE cancelling your membership.

3. Becoming a Cubby Member again in the future: I would LOVE to have you back! 

You are welcome to join Preschool Cubby in the future but there are two important things you need to know:

A. Re-Enrollment: Once your current membership is cancelled, the cancellation cannot be reversed. Therefore, you will need to wait until the next Preschool Cubby Open Enrollment period.  I currently only open enrollment to the program in January and August.

B. Pricing: The price of your membership will be the going rate of Preschool Cubby at the time you re-join, which may be more than what you are paying now.

I hope this information helps!

I just wanted to make absolutely sure you are aware of what will happen once you cancel your membership. As I noted in the beginning, I've had a few unhappy teachers once they realized what happens when they cancel, and I don't want that to happen to you!

Once your membership is cancelled, the software system immediately deletes your account, and I cannot reverse that cancellation.

If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to contact me by clicking the 'Need Help' link at the top of the page.

Or, if you still want to cancel your Preschool Cubby membership, just click the acknowledgement box below. Once you do that, a blue button will appear that says "Cancel My Membership Now". You can then click that button and your membership will be immediately cancelled.


(The checkbox below MUST be checked before proceeding)

I understand that cancelling my subscription will immediately delete my account and prevent me from having further access.

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