Free Teacher Club Resources

On this page, you will find many helpful resources! You can click a category to see the types of resources available or scroll down the page to view them all. Click the image of the resource you would like to download!

Activities and Planning

13 Math Activities E-book

Math is an integral part of our everyday lives and the best time to start teaching those concepts is as early as possible. Preschool-aged children learn math concepts through hands-on activities. Did you know there are 13 hands-on math process skills?? Here are 13 hands-on activities: one to support each of those preschool skills!

38 Ways To Paint E-book

Preschool Painting – it’s awesome! Children learn so very much from open-ended art when they can explore and create! We hear often that “it is about the process, not the product”. In this download, you’ll find 38 different ways to paint – without using paintbrushes – that your preschoolers will love!

Bread Theme

This Preschool Bread mini theme is a great way to introduce cooking to preschoolers! They can make bread, play dough and explore and investigate all the ingredients and utensils used for cooking! Of course, any cooking theme lends itself to some great science and math skill use!

Transition Time Activities E-book

Preschoolers’ days, as you know, are filled with transitions. There are natural transition times-those times you can plan for- and unexpected transition times. How you plan for them will determine if they are productive or if they are reasons for behavior issues. Here are 24 ideas you can begin using today in your preschool classroom!

Theme Planning Forms

This packet includes the exact forms I use to create activities for themes and topics. It includes a blank weekly planning form, a blank daily planning form and a sample of the daily planning form (which includes some instruction for you as well!

Classroom Management Tools

Behavior Observation Forms

This packet includes 2 forms for you to use when observing behaviors and putting behavior guidance techniques into place as well as a few tips on how to apply some strategy.

Preschool Schedule Planning Forms

In this packet, I’ve included the steps to (and samples of) planning a daily preschool schedule. It includes a sample of planning steps in action for a morning schedule, mapping out a schedule when you have set (or non-negotiable) activity times, mapping out a schedule when you have NO set/non-negotiable activity times and a blank schedule for you to map out your own day!

Circle Time Conversation Poster

Preschoolers love to talk...and talk...and talk! They have so much to say, especially at Circle Time, as it should be! We all have important things to tell each other, but we need to take wait our turn AND we need to listen to others when they speak! This poster serves as a reminder to them about how to carry conversations in a group!

Allergies in the Classroom E-book

Is YOUR classroom safe? Allergies are MORE than children being allergic to a food. There seem to be so many allergies in our classrooms over the past several years. Foods and items that used to be considered “staples” in the preschool classroom now must be looked at from the lens of allergies. Why so many allergies? What can YOU as a teacher do? This packet answers those questions and equips you with information to help keep your classroom safe.


Checking for Ticks

Tick checks are so very important to do…..daily……in the Spring and Fall. It takes time but it’s important to do them every time you come in from outside play or from a nature walk. In this packet, I’ve put together some activities for you to have. The activities can be used as a day or two theme to teach children about ticks.

Developmental Checklists

This packet includes a developmental checklist for 3-4 year olds, 4-5 year olds and a general checklist for you to use while observing your children.

Parent Conference: Fall Interview

Knowing the questions or concerns parents have about their child BEFORE the conference will help ensure that you address it during the conference.

This packet includes a 2-page parent interview form. Print the form as a 2-sided handout and send it home to parents along with a brief note from you explaining the purpose of this form!

Preschool To Kindergarten Readiness Information

What are the kindergarten skills preschoolers will need on their first day of Kindergarten?  You may be surprised that printing one's name, recognizing, reciting and printing letters and number and counting are not at the top of most kindergarten teachers' lists!

This packet outlines the skills that Kindergarten Teachers have named as most important skills. It also includes letter to send home with parents to help them understand the skills their preschoolers need!

Organization and Administration

Annual Workshop Teacher’s Log

As the year moves forward, we all become so busy with what needs to be done for the children in our care that the things we need to do for US becomes foggy and/or forgotten! One of these areas is professional development.  You may need to have state approved trainings or find trainings on your own.  Your program may have a set requirement with regard to the number of hours of training you need to receive. There are many ways and places to find these, but first, you need to know where you stand!

That’s why I've put together this download for you. Print it out and then list on it the trainings you have received during this school year.

Conducting Preschool Tours

The desired outcome of a preschool tour is enrollment to your program! In order to increase enrollment you need to meet the needs of prospective families and sell them on what makes you unique and the best fit for their family. This packet helps accomplish these goals by providing a Visiting Family Information Sheet (for YOUR use during a tour), a Choosing a Preschool letter you can give to parents to help them in their search as well as a Preschool Tour Checklist for the prospective families.

Annual Director’s Timeline

There are many tasks to be done throughout the year. Many are done by the Director. Many can (and SHOULD) be done by the classroom teacher! If you are a teacher, download and share this with your Director (and check out the areas you may be able to take on as part of your in-classroom role! If you are a Director, download this and meet with your teaching team to determine and delegate items that really are the teachers’ expertise!